12 Week Challenge

Fitness Transformation weeks 1-3 Sarah Hunter

Having completed this Challenge several years ago I decided to challenge myself again after. Sustaining an injury that kept me from regular training, I’d slipped off the waggon even though I was still keeping fit I wasn’t training to my best ability. When the opportunity came up again it was the perfect chance to get back on that so called waggon!

Well, week 1 was all about planning, planning and more planning! After receiving all my paperwork and working my way through it, I made copious amounts of notes to help me focus on the important aspects. The area that needed more tweeting was my food, keeping a food diary has helped me identify gaps in my eating habits and to the fact that I wasn’t eating enough protein.

Watch Sarah Hunter share her experiences of her 12 Week Challenge in Week 1:

My training routine is now set up and I’m managing to train on a more regular basis which again had been a bit hit and miss. I’m concentrating on strength and stamina training which incorporates a range of circuit based exercises and also heavyweight work in the gym.

I’m a serial exerciser and go through bouts of complete commitment and then utter resentment! Being part of the 12 Week Challenge has re-affirmed the need for regular training and healthy eating to achieve my goals. Week 1 ended with total commitment and huge motivation which made the start of Week 2 easy.

Again after a week of 90% eating healthily and a full training schedule it culminated in a Mucky Race Steeplechase, this involved a 5k run, 30 obstacles and a pumpkin race across muddy fields using horse x country jumps. All the training I’ve been doing has focused on this event and my strength, stamina and flexibility were tested to the limits.

This is the first time I’ve entered a race like this and thoroughly enjoyed the experience so much so we have entered again next year and are looking at other similar events. I was very happy with my position of 132 out of 242 and the team I was part of came 8th overall, although I did come home with some bruising proving that I obviously do not have the body of a child anymore even though it felt like it running through mud and water without getting into trouble!

Watch Sarah Hunter share her experiences of her 12 Week Challenge in Weeks 2-3:

The beginning of Week 3 started badly with the start of a cold, I thought I’d managed to dodge the germs but oh no they took hold, this was really frustrating as I was feeling the best I’ve felt for several months and my training was on schedule. Training took a slight back seat whilst I contended with the usual symptoms that come with a cold but true grit and determination I managed a limited training programme and kept my eating on track which proves my head is definitely in the right place at the moment.

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Therefore going into Week 4 I’m raring to go and armed with my newly acquired training schedule I will be back on that waggon in no time at all.

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