Fitness Tips

An Easy Guide To Reducing Your Sugar Intake

With the recent news of many high street coffees containing as much as 25 teaspoons of sugar, many of us are looking to reduce are overall intake to help us stay healthy.
1. Stop Buying Processed Foods
Try and opt for foods that are fresh and not pre packed. Unfortunately the ones we need to cut down on our the ones we love the most. However eating these in excess can de damaging to our health.
2. Make You Own Sauces or Go For Low Sugar
Some sauces are really high in sugar and you just don’t need it. Sometimes it can be easier to make your own. Tomatoes sauce for example all you need is canned or fresh tomatoes in a pot with some fresh herbs. If you still find yourself in your local shop looking for a sauce then choose the lower sugar option which now a lot of companies are moving towards.
3. Low Fat Doesn’t Mean Low Sugar
Some yoghurts although marketed as healthy, some actually contain more sugar that a chocolate bar. Read the label and go for natural yoghurts.
4. Reduce Treats In The House
We all like opening a cupboard seeing the glorious delights of chocolate, sweets biscuits you name it but like having a huge tub of ice cream in the freezer, more often than not you are going to eat it. Try reducing the amount of treats you have in the house and if you are going to have something try to use it as an actual ‘Treat’ and have something on the weekend then close the cupboard door.
5. Try Sweeteners Like Stevia
Sugar substitutes can sometimes be a great option for satisfying your sweet tooth.
Stevia. Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant. Try our brand new Watermelon protein which is our first product to use this.
6. Switch from Milk Chocolate to Dark Chocolate
We all love a bit of chocolate but unlike milk, dark carries a number of health benefits lower the risk of heart disease.
7. Cut Out Soda
Trade soda for water with lime or lemon in it and you’ll cut your sugar intake in a huge way. Try making your own fruit infused water for a healthy alternative with our fruit infuser bottle or use our skinny water.
10. Swap Cereal for Oats
Cereal may not seem too bad but our favourite breakfast cereal with that quirky cartoon character on the front can have as much as 15g of sugar. Go for a bowl of oats like our Oatein or try and omelette to start the day with some good protein.